A child with autism learns to master emotional awareness. A person with Down Syndrome gains problem solving skills and confidence. A physically disabled person develops the motor skills to walk unassisted and becomes more independent. A veteran with PTSD finds peace and meaningfulness.

We are beyond proud to be part of these incredible journeys every day. With your help, we can reach even more people in the Upstate with powerful programs that blend world-recognized equine-assisted therapies with our own unique approaches

YOU can make a difference!

When you make a tax-deductible donation to Wild Hearts, you are giving the gift of limitless potential. 100% of every contribution goes directly to supporting our clients, facilities and horses. Your generosity can help people thrive!!

Major Initiative: ADA Compliant Restroom
(project estimate $8,000)
Any Amount
Major Initiative: Life-Saving Veterinary Emergency/Surgery Fund ($10,000) Any Amount
Major Initiative: Covered Arena
(project estimate $175,000)
Any Amount
Sponsor a Needy Client Therapy Session (per session) $40
Sponsor a Family Therapy Session (per session) $90
Annual Dental Care (per horse) $150
Annual Vaccines/Dewormer (per horse) $200
Annual Feed/Supplements (per horse) $200
Annual Hoof Care (per horse) $450
Annual Minor Veterinary Emergency (per horse) $500
Full Annual Routine Care (per horse) $1,000
Annual Needy Client Scholarship $1,200
Annual Board (per horse) $2,000
Annual Full Horse Sponsorship (per horse) $3,500